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TATECH 32 -engine management system

Is made for cars, motorcycles and other internal combustion engines. Tatech 32 is easy and distinct to use and the same time technically very hitech product. Over 10 years developing and testing in Finnish summer and winter in a race-, rally- and drift cars has made an excellent reputation for outstanding reliability, advanced technology for reasonable price.                                    In a testing and tuning- hall we have in use a very accuracy 2WD/ 4WD dynometer. The function of dynometer is chooseble either inertia-type or brake-type.

TATECH 32 engine management system is developed, tested and manufactured in Finland by Softatech Ltd.

TATECH for WIN -software has several handy features to help you with the system adjustment, for example marking the air/fuel ratio (lean/rich) into fuel map in real time. Software is easy to use with short keys without mouse.

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You can load  Tatech 32 - demo in  here.