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tatech for win 3D Viewer merkkaustoiminto
tiedonkeruun analysointi nakutuskohtien merkkaus sytytyskarttaan nakutuskohtien merkkaus sytytyskarttaan

1. Tatech for Win user interface
2. Analyze Fuel/Ignition map in 3D
3. Marking of lean and rich mixture ratios
4. Analyze collected data
5. Detonation points in ignition map
6. Option menu




Injector control (up to 6 separate injectors)
Direct ignition / distributor (up to 6 separate coils)
Realtime adjusting
Anti-lag system
Wastegate control
Shift light
RPM limiter
Water injection control
Fan control
Fuel pump control
Data logging (RS232 and internal FLASH)
Flat Shift
PWM Valve control
Exhaust temperature measuring & overheat protection
Launch control
Knock sensor
Overboost protection
Fuel&Oil&Exhaust pressure measurement
Autotune function with wideband lambda sensor
Fuel map tuning & analyzing in 3D
Ignition map tuning & analyzing in 3D
Marking of lean and rich mixture ratios in real time or from collected data
Inductive sensor interface with addon-board
Internal wideband controller with addon-board
Variable valve timing (e.g. VANOS) with addon-board
Traction control with addon-board
Interface and instructions available in Finnish and in English