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Tatech 32 main features

- Tatech 32 has fast 32-bit ARM-prosessor made for engine control
- Sequential injection control (even 8 injection drivers, in 1µs resolution)
- Sequential ignition control (6 channel, less  than 0.1 degrees resolution)
- Also waste spark and distributor are choosable (8-sylinder engines)
- Multimap , max. 5 independend maps
  (Ex. race fuel, regular fuel, race, street, E85 maps)
- Real time control at 2D- and 3D-maps
- Possible to mark  lean and rich point  at real time or  at data collection
- Anti lag control
- PWM control  based on Duty/RPM
- Gear change light
- launch control
- Launch rev limiter (also with idle air valve control)
- Water injection control
- Fan control
- Fuel pump control
- Data collection; inner + RS232
- fault bits  and fault log  are storable
- Quickshifter
- Active idle air valve control with ignition cut-off point
- EGT closed loop with ignition cut-off point
  (8x EGT to order)
- Knock sensor
- Boost cut
- Exhaust , oil  and fuel pressure measurement / safety switches
- Alarm / diagnostic light
- Activate Limb-mode to exceed alarm limit
- TPS / MAP control
- etc...

At “Standard” model:
- Inductive / Hall rpm sensor
 (car model properties are to choosable  in  the user face)
- Inner wide band oxygen sensor controller

Extra card features
- Variable cam control
  (ex.. BMW, Subaru, Nissan, Honda etc. )
- Traction control
- Elecrtical throttle control
- PWM-based control to any liquid pump or to control fan
- Programmable analoc outputs 0-5V